IAPEX 2019 Packages


Exhibition of Building Products: IAPEX 2019

Stall Size & CategoriseTotal Amount without Tax
Gold G – (36 m²) 6m x 6mRs.725,000/-
Silver – (18 m²) 3m x 6mRs.375,000/-
Stall G – (36 m²) 6m x 6mRs.650,000/-
Stall S – (18 m²) 3m x 6mRs.325,000/-
Stall D – (18 m²) 3m x 6mRs.275,000/-

Noted: This includes

  • Printing of exhibitor name in event brochures for 100% made before 25th February 2019.
  • Best stall prize will be given for each category.
  • 2 chairs and standard Counter will be provided for each Shell stall.
  • 9m² stall dimensions are 3mx3mx
  • Fascia Name for standard fixing on Shell stall
  • Display of exhibitor name in the event website/Facebook for 1 year.